Free online sample size calculator

Pick one of the two online calculator tools depending on whether you have completed an A/B split email marketing campaign or are planning a new one.

  1. Result Check. Check results given a sample size for a completed A/B test
  2. Plan sample size. Calculate a suitable sample size for a new email marketing A/B test

The sample size calculator tools are quick and easy to use.

The result check is perfect to take open, click or conversion percentage rate results from an A/B split email test and determine if they are significant given the size of your sample.

Use the plan sample size calculator if you need to work out what size of list or sample you should use for a A/B test. Normally you will want to use as small a sample as possible so that further tests can be made or the email variant with best repsonse can then be sent to the remaining list data.

Free online copy suggestion tools

For email marketing copy, you need to know what phrases your customers use so that the emails are personalized to them. The easiest way to do this is to see what they search for in Google. Using the Google Suggest API, you can see the various keywords that are searched for along with the number of such searches per month. Always keep in the mind the volume of searches as you want to target those phrases that most of your target customers use.

There are many useful tools like, soovle, keyword shitter and ubersuggest. You can use the Keywords Everywhere addon to view search metrics for all these tools.

While writing email copy remember to keep it short and effective. While long copy works very well for a website, people tend to be overwhelmed by long emails. The best emails are always just a few sentences, with each paragraph having just one of two lines in it.